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Emma is one of our Year 9 boarding students who has been a part of our Girls Grammar family for a few years. Following in the footsteps of her older sister who was also a student at Girls Grammar, Emma loves being a Girls Grammar Girl.

We caught up with Emma to ask her some questions about her schooling and boarding experiences here at Girls Grammar.

Tell us a little about yourself

"I live 13km east of Rolleston, a small town famous for it's cattle and crop farming. When I am at home, I love helping Dad and earning the big bucks on the farm by ploughing, prickle-chaining and helping with harvests. I also help our mates and neighbours with mustering and yard work. I like to keep busy."

"In my spare time, you'll find me playing sports such as touch football and netball, or playing with animals."

What do you like about boarding at Girls Grammar?

"Boarding at Girls Grammar is a great way to get the full experience of the school. We are given opportunities for weekend outings and community service events that are enjoyable to participate in. The supervisors dedicate two study sessions for all of the boarders to ensure that our homework and assignments are completed. They offer us a great deal of support and assistance in helping us to achieve academic success."

What do you like about going to school at Girls Grammar?

"This school has a sisterhood that can never be forgotten. At Girls Grammar, everyone is a familiar face that always returns a smile. The all girls learning environment allows my classmates and I to feel confident in our schooling."

What would you tell other girls thinking about boarding at Girls Grammar?

"I would recommend this school to any girl that is thinking about attending boarding school. It teaches you independence that will be used as a life-long skill. There are lots of opportunities at Girls Grammar that aren't just academic, but for sport, dance, music, drama, art and much more. Girls Grammar has allowed me to confidently become more academic and has helped me achieve within the top 10 at nationals in the dance and sports aerobics area. All these achievements wouldn't have been possible without Girls Grammar."



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