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Girls Grammar First Nations Club: Enlightening Engagements and Community Connections

First Nations Club has been very busy this term.

In Week 1, we were joined by Davina and Nira from the Indigenous Youth Mobility Project (IYMP). IYMP aid students aged 17 – 25 in areas of tutoring, study, housing and general living requirements. This IYMP presentation was very engaging and interesting to our students.

The Regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Program (RATEP) were our invited guests for Week 2. This program works in partnership with James Cook University to encourage Indigenous peoples to pursue a career in education. They provide resources and an office space to enable their students to easily access and successfully complete:

  • Certificate III in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education (8 QCE points including adult students)

  • Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education (students are awarded 1 year credit towards a Bachelor of Education through RATEP partnership)

  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (targeted communities)

  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (targeted communities).

Central Queensland Youth Connect Services visited our club in Week 3. Friederike from CQ Youth Connect Service explained the importance of prioritising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health within our communities. This session highlighted how our health choices affect those around us in terms of peer pressure, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) and second-hand smoke.

A few of our students have also had the opportunity to travel to a local kindergarten this term and interact with the children whilst carrying out culturally relevant activities. These two sessions have consisted of story book reading, a collage and colouring art activity, showcasing traditional Torres Strait Islander instruments and teaching a traditional sit down dance. This has been a positive sharing experience for both Rockhampton Girls Grammar School and Peacocks Creche and Kindergarten.

Shania Conlon

Indigenous Liaison Officer



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