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Girls Grammar Prep and Year 1 Student's Enchanting Day at Pevan and Sarah Concert

We are excited to share the delightful experience our Prep and Year 1 classes had this week at the Pevan and Sarah Concert hosted at the Pilbeam Theatre. The joy and enthusiasm that filled the theatre created an unforgettable memory for our young students.

As the girls eagerly entered the theatre, you could feel the excitement building in the air. From the opening notes, it was evident that Pevan and Sarah were masters at capturing the attention of their audience, both young and old. The energy and engagement were palpable throughout the entire performance.

The concert was a lively spectacle that had our girls on their feet, singing along with every lyric and dancing to the infectious beats. Pevan and Sarah truly created an atmosphere of pure joy, leaving our students with smiles that lasted long after the final curtain call.

Prior to the concert, our creative students embraced the spirit of the day by crafting 'Cub Club' crowns to wear during the show. Additionally, they poured their hearts into writing letters to Pevan and Sarah, expressing their admiration and appreciation for the wonderful performance. These letters were then joyfully posted in the mailbox provided, a small gesture that added a personal touch to the day.

Undoubtedly, this experience stands out as a definite highlight of the year for our Prep and Year 1 classes. We are grateful for the opportunity to expose our students to the magic of live performances and the transformative power of music.

As we reflect on this enchanting day, we look forward to more opportunities to inspire and ignite the passion for the arts in our young learners.

Natalie Spence

Year 1 Teacher



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