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Grit - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

The end of Term 3 is undoubtedly one of the busiest and stressful times of the school year. A time when grit and determination are needed the most. Grit is the combination of passion, long term persistence and self-regulation. It is the cornerstone of resilience which enables us to push through when we think we can’t. Grit and social-connectedness are two most powerful influences on student success. Having the capability to stay focused on the job at hand and ignore distractions is an important skill to cultivate in students to ensure their personal and academic growth. Using the strengths leadership, bravery, self-regulation and perspective will connect them with the moment, enabling them to do the right thing and to do that thing well.

Teaching students the difference between activity and action will raise their self-awareness of when they involve in action or activity. Activity is being involved in things with little meaning and purpose, while action is being decisive with things that matter and following through with meaning and purpose. When students show grit, they are full of action. Other ingredients which contribute to having grit include being conscientious, believing that other people matter and having a higher purpose in life to make a positive difference. Courage is also a key component of grit, knowing that the right thing to do is nearly always the hard thing to do and then being prepared to do it anyway.

To achieve their long term goals, our girls need to show true grit to achieve their short term goals during the tough times. In the wise words of Robert Schuller, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

Mr Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal - Students


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