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Healthy Harold and Life Education Visit

Prep/Year 1

Prep and Year One had a wonderful time visiting the Life Education Van and Healthy Harold last Thursday.

They participated in lots of fun activities that covered the topics of:

- How to build friendships and care for others

- Feelings and emotions

- Safe and unsafe situations and early warning signs, and

- Safe places and people to turn to for help

The highlight of the visit was getting to have a photo taken with Harold. This year he was extra cheeky and was giving out lots of ear nibbles!

Year 2

On Thursday afternoon the Year 2 class got to visit the lovable giraffe we all know as Healthy Harold. We were lucky enough to learn all about ‘Safety rules!’ We investigated safety in a range of situations and environments. We looked at people and places to go to for help, and how friends can care for and support each other. The Year 2 girls thoroughly enjoyed their experience in the van, they loved interacting with Harold and had much to contribute to the lesson.

Year 3

Year 3 went on a fascinating tour of the human body on Friday. It was just like we hopped on board a spaceship that had been miniaturised.

We learnt about the functions of various body systems and how to keep these systems working well. Liz showed us the circulatory system and explained how red blood cells carry food, water and oxygen to all parts of the body.

The difference between needs and wants was discussed, and how some things, such as smoking can affect how the body works. The students discussed the importance of making healthy choices.

Last, but not least, we checked in with Harold. He has been very busy making videos to educate everyone about healthy choices.

Ms Bennett was excited to see her old friend again.

Parents and carers can also find videos, easy to read information and helpful resources to continue the learning at home here:

Year 4

On Friday afternoon Year 4 students were also lucky enough to spend time interacting with the Healthy Harold program. We learnt lots of important things like why friendships are so valuable and how we can build and develop support networks. Harold and his trusty assistant also worked with the girls to discover how new situations and changes can affect their emotions and ways to recognise when this might be happening and what they can do about it. Get ready to go running too parents because Harold also encouraged the girls to have a healthy and active lifestyle. Good timing too with cross country on in less than 2 weeks’ time.

Year 5

Year 5 loved their visit to the Life Education Van. They explored cybersafety through animation, relevant scenarios, discussion and problem-solving.

Year 6

Year 6 students explored the decision-making process and improved their decision making skills by looking at choices, consequences, responsibility, facts and influences. In these activities they looked at:

• what is a drug and how drugs are classified

• effects of drugs on the body

• analysing health messages about drugs in the media

• influences on decision making – family, peers, media, culture, financial, legal

• strategies and skills to be safe

The older girls still enjoyed an ear nibble from Harold and it is sad that this will be the last time they will see Harold.

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