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IT Update

There are a few exciting IT projects that will be finalised in the coming months:

Firewall Replacement

During the September school holidays we will be replacing our firewall and pastoral care software with industry leading next-generation replacements.

Saasyan Assure will present our staff with a new, and more user-friendly web-based interface providing valuable student internet usage information in real-time. This replacement dashboard will present a holistic view of online behaviour including visibility into where students are spending their time on the internet, with drill-down access to precisely view the websites, videos, and other online applications and services students are visiting. Alerts will also be forwarded when the system detects worrisome chats, attempted access of unsavoury websites, or searches for inappropriate content. This proactive information assists pastoral care staff to ensure the online safety of students.

Outdoor Projector

Due to be completed in time for Term 4 will be an outdoor projector located just outside the library near Kollar House. We are sure that many movie nights will be enjoyed under the stars as the weather warms up.

Classroom Projector Replacements

A number of classrooms have recently received upgrades to the projectors in the classroom, including Luck 6, Luck 3, ELC, MMPH, Drama Classroom, and soon to be upgraded are CAB 8 and CAB 9.

OneDrive Rollout

We are currently finalising the rollout of OneDrive to all Staff and plans are underway to migrate students from using OwnCloud to OneDrive over the Christmas school holidays. OneDrive will automatically backup/sync your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders to your Girls Grammar OneDrive cloud storage. Along with a range of monitoring and security benefits is the ability for students to use Autosave, 100’s of document revisions, and up to 1000gb of storage space. More info will be distributed to students during Term 4.

Lindsey Hull

Director of IT



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