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Musical Cast Announced

Congratulations to our 2020 cast of Alice in Wonderland Jr!


Caitlin Bignell as Alice

Tylah Mitchell as Mathilda

Kiera Hopf as the Cheshire Cat

Kara-Lee Buckton as The White Rabbit

Mira Gibson as The Caterpillar

Hannah Cowan and Claudia Heffer as Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

Cadence Wone de Rungs as the Queen of Hearts

Brianna Hawkswood as the King of Hearts

Bethany Dey as the Mad Hatter

Clare Hills as the March Hare

Charlotte Carroll as Dodo Bird

Carrie Mtize as Doorknob

Gretchen Davis-Hill, Tyla Cringle, Harriet Farrell and Mikayla Lynch as the Flowers

Maddi McMahon, Millie MacKellar, Sophie Pelizzari and Paisley Kirkpatrick as the Royal Cards

Ru Auda, Leah Brannigan, Lara Bryson, Roxanne Cue, Maddie Hoffman, Taylah Jacobson, Nakeesah Muller-Malone and Matilda Peff as Ensemble



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