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Bethanie Green to Co-Chair Netball Queensland Youth Advisory Group

Year 12 Rockhampton Girls Grammar student Bethanie Green with the Umpire Recognition Medal she received following umpiring the 2023 Senior State Age Netball Competition on the Sunshine Coast. Photo: Ellouise Bailey

Year 12 Rockhampton Girls Grammar student Bethanie Green lives and breathes netball. And her skills have been recognised time and time again.

In 2022 she was selected for Netball Queensland’s (NQ) Developing Umpire Program - which involves her attending monthly online development sessions and targeted umpire coaching throughout the year.

Bethanie Green at the Vicki Wilson Finals in Brisbane at the Nissan Arena. Photo: supplied

She was selected for the program after umpiring at the Vicki Wilson Finals in Brisbane at the Nissan Arena in August 2022.

Bethanie said her goal in partaking in the program was to eventually be assessed to attain her National B Badge.

"Gaining my B Badge will enable me to umpire a higher standard of games, and also support our local associations with umpire mentoring and assessment.

"My aim is to support regional umpires long term."

As part of her commitment to the program, she attended the 2023 Senior State Age Netball Competition between 1 - 3 April, held at the Sunshine coast Netball Association.

She umpired 15 games over the four days, with her high skill levels formally acknowledged when she was awarded an Umpire Recognition Medal.

The medal was awarded to those displaying high performance and improvement and was only given out to eight of the 177 umpires who attended the competition.

Bethanie Green (9th from the left) after receiving her Umpire Recognition Award. Photo: Netball Queensland's Facebook page.

"I am very grateful for the recognition, experience, and coaching I received during the carnival," said Bethanie following the event.

Bethanie has also been chosen as one of 10 young people aged between 12 - 22 to form NQ's Youth Advisory Group for 2023, and was selected to Co-Chair the Group.

"My motivation to join was that I would like to represent regional QN players and umpires, having had experience on both a regional and state level."

She said her ultimate goal was to represent a regional perspective and provide guidance to the Advisory Group on the experience of regional players.

"I believe living regionally should not affect anyone with their netball ambitions, having personally experienced travelling thousands of kilometres to play and umpire netball.

"I would like to provide my own experiences to the Advisory Group so that other members are aware of the challenges we face outside of Southeast Queensland," said Bethanie.

Later this year Bethanie will also be attending NQ's annual Leaders Conference.

"It is our opportunity to come together from all parts of our diverse state and as a community learn from each other, challenge ourselves and each other, and seek opportunities to grow participation in our sport at all levels," said Bethanie.

- Ellouise Bailey

Community, Marketing, and Events Coordinator



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