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Sports News

SLSQ Secondary School Surf League

Last Friday, a group of nine excited students headed down to Emu Park for the annual SLSQ Secondary School Surf League. The team competed in some challenging surf conditions across water events, including:

  • ocean swimming

  • board paddling

  • events where they combined their skills of swimming and paddling and

  • relays where the best sprinters took off across the sand in between their team mates swimming round a row of cans then paddling their board.

After a busy morning in the water, they moved onto the sand where they challenged other high schools in the region to sprints, flags and relay events.

To top off being able to spend a school day at the beach the girls were presented with first place in the Percentage Trophy which looks at placings in events and the size of the team. This was a huge effort for this hardy little group of nine girls. Calli McRae and Bethany Harth also took home respective Age Champion Awards.

Well done to Ashley, Harriet, Ellexis , Calli, Millie, Charlie, Kirsty, Bethany, and Jordan for representing the school so positively.

Vanessa Hemson


Interschool Gymkhana

We weren’t large in number but we were bright in colour!

The RGGS equestrian team competed at the annual Interschool Gymkhana hosted by Alton Downs Pony Club on Sunday. We were represented by nine riders, four primary and five secondary and we achieved some wonderful results for our efforts.

Primary Team:

  • Fran Dooley on Shezamachine

  • Delia Whittaker on Dobby

  • Taia Martin on Sugar and

  • Lydia Johnstone on Goose

Secondary Team:

  • Matilda Peff on Bear

  • Claudia Johnstone on Grasshopper

  • Tyla Cringle on Missy

  • Emma Hafey on Scruff and

  • Hannah Pirie on Wendy

Competing against many schools in the region, some of which had teams over twice our size, we came 4th in the March Past for both our primary and secondary teams.

We achieved some wonderful individual results across all events and the girls were very proud of their efforts. Fran placed 3rd overall for Year 4, and Tyla placed 4th overall for Yr 11. The girls represented our school beautifully and a big shout out to the parents who supported their girls and helped us make our team look fantastic.

Salena McBride


Interschool Sports Results


RGGS defeated RGS 2 - 0

RGGS defeated Yeppoon State High 2 - 0


RGGS Junior team defeated Heights College 5 - 1

RGGS Senior team defeated Heights College 4 - 3

Scott Fuller

Sports Master



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