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Students get down to business at Bond University's Year 12 Extension Program

Year 12 Rockhampton Girls Grammar School Business students Camryn, Gabby, Hannah, and Kirsten travelled from Rockhampton to The Gold Coast to attend Bond University's Business School Year 12 Extension Program.

Kirsten and Hannah travelled to participate in the program between 26 - 28 April and Gabby and Camryn travelled May 4 -7.

The girls wrote the following about their experiences during the program:

Within the past few weeks, the four of us have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the Bond University Business Extension Program held at Bond University for students in year 12 across the country.

The 2-day program taught us a multitude of lessons and values, including working effectively with people you just met, problem solving skills and having the confidence to present a four minute pitch for a proposal made for the Gold Coast tourism industry.

We started off the program with a tour of Bond’s stunning campus and learnt everything ‘Uni Life’.

We took part in lessons within the transformer space, gaining insight into becoming an entrepreneur and what it takes to become successful when owning your own business.

Additionally, we also took part in an Excel session, learning everything ‘Excel’ and being able to analyse and determine analytical data along with a Bloomberg session which enabled us to find out all the hot news topics around the world within seconds.

Finally, our last task was to write a report and present a pitch in front of judges around the idea regarding what the Gold Coast needs to implement to maintain and increase its tourism rates.

Over the 2 days we were assessed and marked on all the tasks and assignments we took part in and had the opportunity to be awarded scholarships and bursary’s for 2024 at Bond, and we will find out whether we were successful on the 9th of June at the awards night.

We feel very grateful and privileged to be able to take part in such a beneficial and extensive program which we have definitely learnt a lot from.




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