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Term 1 Wrap-Up for Hospitality, Food and Textiles at Girls Grammar

Term 1 was very busy and rewarding for all girls studying Food and Textiles, and Senior Hospitality.

The assessment for Senior Hospitality this term was focused on multiculturalism in the hospitality sector. With this as the unit of work, the girls were tasked with selecting a culture to research and were asked to investigate which foods would best represent the culture. These meals were planned and prepared, and then served to invited guests at the Harmony Day luncheon. Throughout the term the girls were given multiple challenging dishes to prepare which centred around exploring different cultures and cuisines. Some of the dishes the girls prepared included Chinese dumplings, Vietnamese rice paper rolls, lamb kofta and handmade spinach and ricotta ravioli.

Food and Textiles for Years 8, 9 and 10 this term was focused around ‘The problem is plastic’, a unit which saw the girls investigating how they can minimise the use of plastic in everyday life. They were challenged with designing and creating a product with the aim to alleviate plastic use. The unit explored sustainability and opened the girls minds to the impact plastic is causing on every day life, and how this will flow on in