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The Arts Wrap-Up

Primary Art

It has been a busy and creative Term 3 in Primary Art.

In Art this term, the Preps have started to develop their understanding of colour theory through colour mixing activities. The girls have been focusing on mixing primary colours to obtain secondary colours, applying this knowledge through painting and paper mosaic.

The Year 1 students have been focusing on line & pattern, creating art works which incorporate these elements. The girls have been developing skills with different mediums including watercolour painting, oil and pastel drawing and acrylic painting. They have created a number of artworks showing their developing understanding of the elements of line & pattern.

In Year 2, the girls have been learning about how symbols and patterns can be used to express emotions and tell stories. They examined and analysed different artworks, whilst also developing drawing and painting skills. The girls applied their understanding through painting a terracotta pot with lines, patterns and symbols that expressed their ideas and imagination.

To align with the learning they have been completing in class, Year 3 discovered how recycled objects could be made into art. Throughout the term, they explored a range of mediums such as drawing, painting, collage, paper mache and pattern design. They applied these skills in the creation of recycled bottle bird sculpture.

A big thank you to our Teacher Aide, Mrs Carroll, for her help and expertise in assisting with art this term.

Morgan Meredith

Year 6 Teacher

Year 7 Care Teacher

Dance Company

In 2022, Dance Company has been rehearsing once a week this semester, getting ready for the Rockhampton Dance Festival competition. This is the first time the company has had a chance to compete since 2019 and all members are very excited. They are performing three dances in the school category and would love your support! The competition is on Friday, 23 September at the Pilbeam Theatre at 5.00 pm. All are welcome and tickets can be bought on the night at the theatre. Good luck to all students involved.

Shrek! The Musical

Shrek! The Musical was a huge success for the cast, crew and company of Rockhampton Girls Grammar school. Months' worth of rehearsals, practice, costuming, set building and painting culminated in four sold-out shows! On behalf of the cast and crew of Shrek! The Musical, we would like to thank everyone who helped out in any way shape or form, from set building and painting, costume design and sewing, curtain building, supervision, catering, merchandise stall selling, ticket sales at the door… the list is endless, so we THANK YOU!

For a full overview on the musical head to the digital Connections Magazine issue 006 found here:

Shrek! The Musical Viewing night

For the friends and family of the cast, crew and helpers there was a Shrek! The Musical viewing night at the Rockhampton Event Cinemas on Thursday 15 September. The red-carpet event allowed students to dress up and celebrate their successes on such an amazing show season and to see what it might feel like to see themselves on the big screen! Congratulations to the cast and crew on a fabulous show!

Jessica Dawes

Instrumental and Classroom Music Teacher