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The Importance of Celebrating Our Successes - A Message from Acting Deputy Principal - Students

Yesterday students in Years 4 -12 were recognised and inducted as our school leaders. For some families this was the recognition of many years of hard work and dedication while for others it was just the beginning of their leadership journey here at Girls Grammar.

As a school, Rockhampton Girls Grammar recognises the achievements of our students in many ways: ceremonies, awards, media posts, and school activities and events.

As individuals, we are regularly exposed to messages pushing us to set our next goal, to strive higher and harder, or aspire to be ‘more’. But we cannot forget the importance of recognising and celebrating the journey we have already taken.

Success is not just about the big goals or major achievements. If we have a major goal that seems a long way away, we can break it down and identify the smaller achievements that will make the journey more rewarding and enjoyable.

But what are the benefits of celebrating our achievements? SKILLSYOUNEED ( identifies a number of key reasons for recognising and celebrating our achievements. People who reflect on their successes are encouraged to believe they can be successful again. This in turn develops self-confidence and self-belief.

Once a goal is achieved, individuals may also raise the bar even higher for what they consider possible and will look to the next challenge. Looking back and recognising what we have achieved so far is important for ensuring we don’t ‘burn out’ or become dissatisfied with the ongoing pursuit of our goals.

How we choose to celebrate success as individuals is personal and needs to be something meaningful to us. For our students it will probably include special time spent with family. Enjoy!

Nadine Kelly

Acting Deputy Principal - Students



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