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Vibrant Beginnings and Achievements in Boarding at Girls Grammar

Boarding at Girls Grammar has kicked off 2024 with tremendous enthusiasm. To combat homesickness, we've curated a vibrant array of fun activities for our boarders. Jess, our newly appointed Boarding Prefect, has orchestrated a dynamic start, spearheading various events that fostered camaraderie and cherished memories among our girls.

The integration of new boarders into our community has been seamless, and they're already actively participating in our diverse cocurricular offerings. With a roster of fresh faces among our staff, their smooth transition into our boarding environment has been facilitated by the collaborative efforts of my team.

To assist the newcomers, informative sessions have been conducted both within the day school and under my guidance. These sessions have equipped them with essential knowledge about navigating everything Girls Grammar has to offer. It's heartening to witness such a wonderful group of girls become part of our close-knit community.

Our recent Investiture Assembly, held on Wednesday, was a momentous occasion where we celebrated the appointments of Jess as Boarding Prefect, Georgia as Head Girl and Paterson Prefect, and Ella as the Williams Prefect. Moreover, we took pride in the achievements of our boarders who secured leadership positions in the Student Council - congratulations to Isla, Kaitori, Heidi, and Clare.

We encourage families to reach out with any updates regarding their daughters, as we are committed to providing unwavering support throughout their boarding journey. Here's to a fantastic term ahead for all!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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