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Year 6 Graduation

The Year 6 Graduation and Musical night was a lovely event showcasing the effort the students had put into the year. With pride, they stood on stage to share their memories and how they are clever, confident and connected to our school. Reciting the Year 6 pledge bought back memories of Investiture and it was hard to believe that so much can happen during one year. Thank you to Mrs Carroll for her amazing decorations in McKeague Hall incorporating the theme from Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh! The Places They’ll Go’. The musical which followed, livened up the audience and made them hungry for more. The students performed ‘Let’s Eat’ which included singing, dancing and acting surrounding some of the class’s favourite foods. Thank you to Miss Dawes and Miss Anger for their hard work and dedication in preparing the girls, and Mr Cook for his assistance with lighting and sound to make this night another one to remember for many years to come. I look forward to seeing how the students’ curiosity will lead them in the future and the places they will go.

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