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A Vibrant Journey in English and Humanities – From Coastal Adventures to Literary Thrills

As the academic term and year concludes, let's celebrate a transformative journey in English and Humanities that transcended traditional classrooms. Picture coastal geography lessons on the beach, historical roleplaying that turned class into a living movie scene, and literary explorations that transformed learning into an imaginative adventure.

History came alive as students actively participated in immersive historical roleplaying, shedding light on ancient civilisations and pivotal moments. The past wasn't just studied; it was experienced.

Classics like Jane Eyre took on a new dimension, becoming emotional rollercoasters that unfolded before our eyes. Simultaneously, contemporary reads like The Hunger Games sparked discussions on dystopian societies and societal critique, connecting literature to the world we live in today.

English and Humanities became an adventurous, imaginative journey, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Discussions, debates, and activities brought subjects to life, making learning an active pursuit.

As we bid farewell to this academic chapter, we carry memories of a vibrant exploration in English and Humanities. Beyond conventional classrooms, our journey involved sun-soaked shores, historical adventures, and literary thrills. The next chapter promises an exhilarating ride, where learning extends beyond boundaries, embracing a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Here's to the end of one chapter and the exciting beginning of the next in the ever-evolving world of English and Humanities.

Katelyn Schultz

English and HASS Subject Area Coordinator



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