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All the Glitz and Glam from Formal Day

For most of our Year 12 girls, the day began with a 5.00am start as the Seniors of 2018 were too excited to sleep. Months and months of planning had gone into one evening of celebrating 12-13 years of schooling. The Year 12 girls spent hours of preparation for the perfect dress, hair, makeup and car on Saturday 26 May. All too quickly, 4pm came upon them and they walked down the red carpet in front of proud parents, family, friends and teachers.

Flowers and well-wishing hugs abounded as they emerged from the CAB.

After extracting themselves from the adoring crowd, they set out to the Frenchville Sports Club where the celebrations really started. During the evening, the girls and their partners danced the Pride of Erin. Fathers, mothers and even teachers also brought out their dancing skills. Spending the night amongst family and friends ensured a perfect occasion to remember forever.

Check out the photos below!


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