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Assessment Strategies from Girls Grammar Deputy Principal - Studies

We hope this newsletter finds you well as we approach an important time of the academic year. We wanted to remind you about the upcoming assessment block for our girls in Year 7 to 10, which will take place next week. As we have emphasised before, it is crucial for students to adopt effective study habits and avoid last-minute cramming for examinations. The same principles also apply to assignment work, where careful planning and preparation can make a significant difference.

For assignments, we expect that students submit their formal drafts to their teachers. It is important that these drafts represent the complete work and not just partial progress. Providing a comprehensive draft allows teachers to provide rich and valuable feedback while understanding the intended final product. Following the correct process minimises the need for extensive revisions or modifications. Any significant misunderstandings or errors should be addressed during the checkpoint process.

To ensure a smooth assessment block, we encourage parents to support their daughters with the following practical strategies:

  • Help your daughter establish a study timetable: Assist her in creating a schedule that includes the exams she will be taking and the corresponding dates. This will enable her to allocate appropriate study time for each subject based on her needs.

  • Minimise distractions during study time: Encourage your daughter to find a quiet and focused environment free from distractions. This will allow her to concentrate and absorb information more effectively.

  • Start with a knowledge dump: Suggest that your daughter begins her study session by writing down everything she already knows about the topic. This will help her identify any gaps in her understanding and guide her in using class notes or conducting further research to fill those gaps. It also provides an opportunity to engage with teachers for clarification or correction of misconceptions.

  • Utilise visual aids and diagrams: Recommend the use of visual aids and graphic organisers to help your daughter visualise and connect different ideas. Studies have shown that these tools, such as diagrams, lists, or cause-effect charts, enhance comprehension and facilitate deeper understanding.

  • Practice with revision materials: If available, encourage your daughter to utilise revision sheets, past papers, and practice questions. These resources not only aid in memorising content but also allow students to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar problems, which are often assessed.

  • Support healthy habits: Remind your daughters about the importance of maintaining healthy habits during this period. Encourage them to take regular breaks, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and eat nutritious meals. These practices are vital for optimal brain function and overall assessment success.

For more detailed information about assessment expectations for different year levels, we invite you to review our assessment policies, which can be found on our school website.

Thank you for your continued support in helping our students excel academically. Together, we can ensure a successful and rewarding assessment block.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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