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Bella Voce Achieves Excellence in Choral Ensemble Examination

We are thrilled to share the outstanding news that the talented students of Bella Voce have successfully completed their Grade Six level Choral Ensemble examination at the end of October, under the direction of our dedicated choir conductor, Christina Bond.

In a captivating 30-minute concert examination program, Bella Voce showcased their musical prowess by flawlessly performing seven songs entirely from memory. This accomplishment is a testament to their commitment and hard work.

We are immensely proud to announce that the examiner commended Bella Voce as a "beautifully-disciplined choir, which works as a very coherent and sensitive team." Such high praise reflects the incredible synergy and musicality that the group has developed under Ms. Bond's leadership.

Moreover, it is with great pleasure that we share the news of Bella Voce's exceptional achievement—an impressive Higher Distinction (A+) result for the Choral Ensemble examination. This recognition is a well-deserved acknowledgment of the students' dedication and passion throughout the year.

Congratulations to each member of Bella Voce for this remarkable accomplishment! Your commitment to musical excellence and teamwork has not gone unnoticed, and we celebrate this momentous achievement with great pride.

As we continue to foster a love for music and teamwork, let us look forward to more harmonious successes in the future.

Christina Bond

Piano & Singing Teacher



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