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Boarding Bulletin

Term 4 is flying by already!

Last weekend we had a trip to the shops and a night at the markets. There were food vans, rides and market stalls for the girls to enjoy. We also enjoyed a trip to the beach (we are going again this weekend), starting with a swim, a walk up Kemp hill and some lunch. We followed this with a swim at the lagoon. The weather was perfect.

This weekend, most of the boarders have signed up for a good old-fashioned game of spotlight. By changing the venue for shopping, we should also have more time for retail therapy and less time in the bus.

The Year 12 girls move into study block next week. The Year 10’s who are living upstairs will be moving down with the rest of their cohort this Sunday. This will give the Year 12 girls more space. On the 1st of November the rest of us will be heading to Great Keppel Island for a wonderful day out in beautiful surroundings. It is a highlight of our social calendar. The Year 10’s are back fundraising and planning for the boarder’s farewell dinner which is only a month away. Wishing our families and our girls a fantastic weekend – make sure you sign up for all the fun.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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