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Boarding Bulletin

Our boarding community is a treasured one. After a term filled with school, study, sport, activities, outings, and some sleep we welcome the end of term break. It is our opportunity to recharge and reflect and spend time with our loved ones. Some of us will get back to our families, our pets, the great outdoors. Some will revel in the opportunity to sleep in and chill out. Others will be going home to work, although most of these young ladies don’t see it as work. They love it so much. Our PNG girls will once again spend another holiday without their immediate families. I will be thinking of them this holiday. We have finished the term strongly with a trip to Great Keppel which was amazing and the senior girls enjoyed their first social of the year with the St Brendan’s boys. We cheered on Kaylyn and Veronica in their rugby 7’s final and got excited when the girls won their basketball final. We look forward to term two and what it will bring our boarders. More outings, activities, sport, and study. Most importantly, the opportunity to make memories with our friends. We have a boarders’ farewell to fundraise for and plan. There will be a social for the Jackson girls and hopefully a second for the Kollar girls. We have Beef Week, our race day and personally I look forward to the visits planned to our regional families and the ICPA conference in Cunnamulla. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable break with your daughters. We look forward to welcoming them all back safe and sound.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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