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Boarding Bulletin

This weekend our boarders will be appreciating the importance of service as we all help out at the Girls Grammar Race Day. This event is historically an important day on the Girls Grammar calendar. In a world where many are looking out for themselves it is vital that our girls realise that events don’t happen without people driving them, often as volunteers. Our girls are lucky enough to be involved in a wide range of cocurricular activities, most driven by volunteers. In my experience some are complacent or even reluctant to volunteer but, once they do it, they reflect on the experience as being a positive one.

Last weekend the boarders were privileged to be front and centre at the Formal Walk through. They clapped and cheered their fellow boarders. It was special for the boarders and the gorgeous Year 12 ladies involved. It was a lovely evening with the warmth of having a small cohort evident in the festivities. The girls, parents and staff had a great time celebrating this treasured milestone.

As we move towards our last week of term we ask families to put in holiday leave for their daughters as school concludes at 3.00pm on Friday 24 June and boarding reopens at 1.00pm on Sunday 10 July. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully we will see our boarder parents at Race Day.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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