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Celebrating Kindness and Respect: Update on Rocky, the Respect Rocks Snake

I am pleased to be updating you all on the progress of Rocky, our Girls Grammar, Respect ROCKS snake. Rocky was set as the Term 2 initiative to align with the 2024 theme of Kindness and Respect. Rocky is to serve as a visual representation of the respect and kindness we are building and fostering in our school community, with the aim of raising awareness and cultivating these virtues within our girls, staff, parents, friends, and wider community.

During lunch in Week 7 all girls had an opportunity to paint a rock and add it to Rocky. Rocky is growing each day and I am proud of the contributions made by our girls and school community to ensuring this initiative is successful.

If you and members of your family would like to be involved, please paint a rock and add to Rocky; he is placed in the garden bed, adjacent to Reception, at Paterson House. A big thank you to Amelia Bahnisch who designed and painted Rocky’s head. What a masterpiece!

Sammy Cobon

Deputy Principal - Students



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