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Crafting Culinary and Textile Wonders: A Recap of Term 1 Activities!

Crafting Culinary and Textile Wonders: A Recap of Term 1 Activities!

Year 7 have been busy learning how to use a sewing machine and building skills not only for school but for life! We have started at the beginning, and the girls have all mastered how to thread the machine! The rest of the term saw us designing a sustainable tote bag targeted to a Rockhampton market. The girls are looking forward to trying their skills in the kitchen and making lots of yummy muffins!


Our Year 8 cohort have been busy at work breaking down the difference between the linear and circular fashion economy and how we can help make it circular. The girls have all designed a household item out of repurposed denim.


Year 9-10 students have had their tastebuds tantalised with combining unusual flavour combinations with different butters, cheesecakes, ice-creams and a balsamic caviar (although it flopped!). The girls then designed and created an entrée, main or dessert for a new restaurant that pushes flavour boundaries. We saw a variety of foods including maple bacon wrapped jalapenos, dessert pizzas, chicken donuts, ginger chilli ice-cream sandwiches and even a sesame chocolate ice-cream sandwich.

Year 8 and 9-10 are keen to swap and learn what each other has been busy learning!


Our Senior girls have been hard at work making a variety of café foods: breakfasts consisting of waffle burgers and breakfast pizzas; lunches with a variety of sandwiches including Cubans, Rubens and Mini Croque Monsieurs; and items that go in the display cabinet like scones, lemon curd and poppy seed pastries and biscotti. This unit has included a dining excursion at the local Riverston Tea Rooms. They have a busy rest of the unit with hosting an Afternoon Tea Event.

Emily Alley

Food and Textiles Teacher



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