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Curtain Call: A Recap of Artistic Triumphs from Girls Grammar Arts Department

As we draw the curtain on another term, the Arts Department takes pride in presenting a formal summary of noteworthy achievements and creative exploits within our diverse artistic disciplines.

Musical Excellence:

The Music department exhibited commendable achievements this term, notably through the instrumental performances of Bella Voce and the String Ensemble in the St. Cecelia examination via video. Bella Voce secured a high distinction with an exceptional 96%, while the String Ensemble attained a merit with an 83%. We extend our congratulations to both groups for their dedication and exemplary work. Additionally, their participation, along with Molti Voce and Concert Band in Speech Night and Girls Rock further showcased the department's commitment to fostering a culture of musical excellence.

Celebrating Musical Milestones:

I'm excited to share news about the achievements of our 2023 piano students who have completed the 40 Piece Challenge. Grace, Eve, Olivia, and Isabella have successfully completed the challenge.

Special recognition goes to Isabella, who not only met but surpassed the challenge by completing an impressive 50 pieces.

The 40 Piece Challenge is more than just a numerical goal. It encourages strong music reading skills and exposes students to a variety of music genres while consolidating their music learning along the way.

As their teacher, I'm proud of Eve, Olivia, Grace, and Isabella. Their achievements reflect their dedication and contribution to our supportive musical community at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School.

It's a pleasure to see the students thrive and embrace the challenges of musical exploration. Well done to these students for their hard work this year.

Artistic Engagements in the Classroom:

Within the realm of Visual Arts, Year 7 students delved into pop art and screen printing, while students in Years 8 through 10 explored the nuances of serialism. Seniors continued to refine their artistic styles, underscoring their status as emerging artists. The 8 to 10 Music classroom witnessed a creative exploration into gaming music, where students composed original pieces for fictional video games. While the Year 7 cohort honed in on their keyboard skills playing ‘Viva La Diva’ and small keyboard ensemble groups.

Dance students dedicated themselves to the honing of choreographic skills, while Drama students persisted in the development of scripts and character portrayal.

Primary Music students engaged in foundational artistic education, learning the intricacies of the violin and ukulele, while Year 6 students spent the term preparing for the class musical to present to their friends and family at their Year 6 Graduation.

Anticipation for the Future:

In conclusion, our sincere appreciation goes to the students, parents, and educators whose collaborative efforts have contributed to the success of the Arts Department not only this term but this year. As we anticipate the advent of a new academic year, we look forward to continued artistic achievements and the cultivation of creative expression within our school community. The acknowledgment of accomplishments serves as a testament to the collective dedication to the pursuit of excellence within the arts.

Jessica Dawes Christina Bond

Instrumental and Classroom Music Teacher Piano & Singing Teacher



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