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Dive into Learning: Life Education Van Visits and Making a Splash at the Primary School Swimming Carnival

Life Education Van visits

Students across the primary school had a visit with Liz and Healthy Harrod as part of the Life Education program. This program offers sessions designed as an integral part of the school’s health education lessons incorporating pre and post lessons. Students are able to:

  • build their awareness and understanding of the link between the choices they make and their short and longer term consequences.

  • value their safety and health and that of others.

  • develop attitudes that can prepare them to make safer and healthier choices.

  • identify strategies and build confidence and skills that can help them to deal with peer and community pressure.

  • explore strategies to manage physical, social, and emotional changes.

The Talk About It program for Years 4 to 6 is designed to help support students explore the concept of identity, develop safe and respectful relationships, and understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. Rather than ‘stand-alone’ sessions they are a valuable resource which complements and enhances classroom learning.



Prep students have been settling into their new surroundings, and have already been focusing on mastering the initial six letter-sound relationships crucial for their early reading development. Additionally, both classes participate in combined sessions, benefitting from team teaching, in areas such as oral language skills, HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences), and Health.


Year 6

Last week, the Year 6 students had their first session in the science labs, focusing on the exploration of resin's efficacy and its historical applications by traditional landowners. Applying their understanding of the scientific process, the students diligently followed a step-by-step procedure, documenting and analysing data. Their primary objective was to assess the load-bearing capacity of resin joints, determining how much weight these joints could sustain. This initial exploration set the stage for an independent investigation, wherein students will design trials, measure and recorded data, and create scientific reports based on their findings.


Swimming Carnival

Students in Years 1 – 5 participated in the swimming carnival on Thursday, which was postponed from 2023.


The students showcased their swimming ability in a variety of events, including freestyle, backstroke, and kicking drills. The encouragement from parents, teachers, and fellow students added to the excitement as participants gave their all in every race. The level of sportsmanship on display was truly commendable, with students congratulating and supporting their peers. Their support and encouragement created an atmosphere where every child felt valued and celebrated.


Age champions will be named and acknowledged at the next Primary Assembly in March.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary




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