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Exploring Creativity: A Spotlight on Rockhampton Girls Grammar School's Dynamic Arts Program in Term 1

At Rockhampton Girls Grammar School, the arts program has been dynamic and engaging this term, offering students a diverse range of creative experiences across music, dance, art, and drama.

In the music department, Year 7 students are getting to grips with keyboard basics while older students explore music production. Primary students are broadening their musical horizons by delving into music from various cultures.

Dance classes cater to different age groups, with primary and Year 7 students learning dance fundamentals and experimenting with different styles. Meanwhile, Years 8 to 10 are focusing on learning choreography and performance aspects of musical theatre-style dance.

Art education spans from basic fundamentals for primary students to more focused studies for older students. While Year 7 are working on self-portraits, students in Years 8 to 10 are diving into the intricacies of Australian landscapes.

In Drama, Year 7 are learning the basics while the Year 8, 9 and 10 students are delving into ancient Greek theatre.

Senior arts students are dedicatedly working on their internal assessments, demonstrating their growth and skills, and refining their craft.

The arts program at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School continues to provide students with opportunities for self-expression and skill development, enriching their educational experience beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Jessica Dawes

Arts Subject Coordinator



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