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Facilities and Services Update

Capital Works Update

After almost two years, the roof replacement project undertaken across the entire school is nearing completion. The final stages of the external works on Paterson House are due to be completed by the end of July. We would like to thank Paynters for contributing to the transformation of Paterson House with the historical red roof shining brightly once again on the Athelstane range.

The much-anticipated Multipurpose Court is currently at the tender stage and further correspondence will be provided upon the appointment of the successful contractor.

The School is currently working with Madden Architects to complete the design for the first stage refurbishment on Upper Paterson. The refurbishment will include office spaces for our administration team including our Directors of Primary and Middle Years, Learning Enhancement Officer, Transition Officer, Human Resources, Enrolments Officer, Community and Marketing Officer, Workplace Health and Safety Officer, and me, the Facilities and Services Manager. A new boardroom welcoming cutting-edge technology while enhancing the 130 years of history lining the walls. Lastly, meeting spaces for all staff to utilise.

Once the Upper Paterson refurbishment is completed, we will see the next stage of the Master Plan commence, Upper Luck Refurbishment. The Upper Luck Refurbishment will welcome four new general classrooms, two meeting spaces and two new supervisor residences.

New Additions

The Facilities department has welcomed new additions this term. We welcome Tony Wilkinson to our grounds and maintenance department, and, Tia Killen and Deb Williams to our cleaning department.

After a much-anticipated wait, the School has also taken possession of our new Toyota Kluger. The Kluger will service the boarding school helping with the day-to-day appointments and transport requirements. The new beautifully wrapped Kluger will also be used when going to visit our new and existing families during our rural trips. If you haven’t yet seen the Kluger, it is similar to our newly wrapped bus fleet servicing Rockhampton and the Greater regions.

At the request of the student body during the Master plan feedback, over the school holiday break, five additional bubblers were installed across the School.

Over the school holidays, we have installed our new sign-in and out system. All families, when attending the school grounds in a volunteering position, will be required to use our new system to sign in and out. The system has added another level of security across the campus by issuing an identification sticker for all contractors, visitors and volunteers to wear while signed in. This helps our team identify those who have signed in and their purpose on school grounds. If you are not wearing a sticker during school hours and are on campus, you will be asked to attend Reception to sign in.

Catering and Canteen

This term, our canteen menu offer has expanded to include hot offers during lunch on these cold days. This is in addition to the buffet lunch available each day to boarding, day students and staff.

Last week, our buffet-style menu included chicken korma with papadums and rib fillet, with freshly steamed vegetables and a choice of creamy garlic or mushroom sauce.

Please visit our website or Quickcliq to view our canteen menu items and daily buffet lunch offer.


Recently our facilities team refurbished the Olivia Harwood memorial garden bed adding a border, bright pebble stones, and additional surrounding plants in Littleton Plaza. The community spirit is strong, and the connections run deep when part of the Girls Grammar family. This special place in our school will always showcase our connectedness to our families past, present and future.

Kasey Mitchell

Facilities and Services Manager



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