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From Boarders Farewell to Girls Rock Concert: A Week of Emotions and Excellence

This week marked the grand send-off for our Year 12 boarders, commencing with an excursion to Great Keppel Island, where 85 girls reveled in a perfect day under the sun.

The pinnacle of our celebrations was the Boarders Farewell on Tuesday - an event masterfully orchestrated by our Year 10 boarders. Their year-long dedication to fundraising culminated in a glamorous affair adorned with exquisite decorations, photo backdrop, delicious treats coordinated by our chefs Kent and Raelene, and a performance by the talented Year 10 cohort. Emcees Sophie and Clare added flair, while Mrs. Ung dazzled with her dancing prowess, making the evening an unforgettable experience. Camryn, our Boarding Prefect, expressed heartfelt gratitude, and the tributes and photos shared by the siblings of our graduating seniors left not a dry eye in the house, concluding with a night filled with joyous dancing.

Wednesday unfolded as Girls Grammar Speech Night, bringing exciting news of Jess being appointed as our Boarding Prefect for 2024. Congratulations also poured in for Georgia, announced as Head Girl and Paterson Prefect, and Ella Fort as Williams Prefect. The pride in our Year 11 girls leading us into 2024 was palpable.

Thursday was a privilege, witnessing the official graduation of our Year 12 students and their induction into our esteemed Old Girls alum.

Friday's Girls Rock Concert at the Pilbeam Theatre is a splendid finale, featuring 55 boarders who will deliver stellar performances to an enthusiastic audience. This beloved celebration of everything Girls Grammar marks the concluding event for our accomplished Seniors of 2023.

Looking ahead, anticipation builds as we prepare to welcome our new 2024 boarders for a sleepover and orientation day next week. The 'Heroes and Villains' School Party, set for next Friday morning, will be a fitting prelude to bidding farewell to all our boarders for the year.

To our Seniors of 2023, we extend our warmest wishes for success in your future endeavours, and we hope to see you drop by for a visit in the years to come!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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