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Girls Grammar Primary Report

Living Things and the Environment

After a term of learning about living things and the environment, with a focus on the Great Barrier Reef, the Year 4 class visited the Prep classroom to share their PowerPoint presentations about turtles. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their learning.

The morning started with Mrs Hemson reading a fictional story, "The Smallest Turtle," to the girls, which captured their imaginations and introduced them to the world of turtles. The story helped to set the stage for the non-fiction book, which was later read, packed with interesting facts about turtles. The Year 4 students did a fantastic job of explaining the different types of turtles and their habitats, as well as their behaviour and diets.

After viewing the impressive PowerPoint presentations, the girls coloured in pictures of turtles together, identifying the various items that turtles eat and which items are dangers that look like food (e.g plastic bottle, fishing nets etc).

It was a fun, engaging and informative morning for all students - it is always encouraging to see our students come together and share their knowledge and experiences.

Natalie Spence

Prep Teacher

Year 3 Science

Year 3 students have been investigating the position of the sun and how it changes throughout the day. They had a wonderful time drawing outlines of their bodies, at four stages throughout the day and comparing the length, size and shape of their shadows. They worked on scientific explanations as part of their assessment. There are many enthusiastic and passionate future scientists in Year 3.

End of Term Events

Students in Prep to Year 6 had a fun-filled day for the end of Term One. The morning began with an exciting display of talent and creativity with the Easter Bonnet parade. ‘Strutting their stuff’ down the catwalk, students showed various designs and creations you can do with a hat, pair of rabbit ears, eggs and a hot glue gun. Even Easter Bunny made an appearance to the excitement of the younger students.

Pin-the-tail on the Bunny, sack races, egg and spoon race, bowl-the-bunny and making an Easter basket were activities enjoyed by the students before they began their egg hunt. The South green was littered with eggs, which students exchanged for some lovely treats left by the Easter Bunny.

Parents from across the Primary sector joined us for the mornings activities and then ventured to the oval for Cross Country. It was wonderful to see so many parents with us for the last day of the term.

Thank you to the Primary staff and Hannah for another successful Primary event.

Have a wonderful, relaxing break, everyone.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary



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