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Naarah Austin Memorial Touch Carnival: A Heartwarming Celebration of Unity and Sportsmanship

Naarah’s Touch is always my favourite day of the year. Watching girls come together from all different year groups and seeing them work as a team is heartwarming.

While competitive, the girls always demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and compassion. It’s a fun way to end the term and the smiles on their faces say it all.

The day started with the usual bus trips to the touch fields where we were greeted by Sara-Lyce Beak, Naarah’s best friend. Sara shared a little about Naarah’s personality and why we were all there to celebrate her life. It was a touching address and definitely got everyone in the spirit of the day.

The games started off fast and furious. Paterson and Williams got early wins on the board, while Smith and Downs worked hard to develop their teamwork and game strategy as the day progressed. Paterson and Williams were too hard to hold back and were able to maintain their momentum through the rounds winning their 2nd game and having a draw when they faced each other in the 3rd game. Both earning their spots in the final with some exceptional skills on display.

The final was an epic battle with Williams getting an early advantage through a full field break away from Beryl Toby. Not to be outdone, Paterson hit straight back to tie it up. Neither team could gain an advantage and we were going end-to-end rucking and defending until a diving Ella Lindsay got a sneaky try close to half time. Early in the 2nd half Paterson hit back through the speed and stepping skill of Jalime Wosomo before Beryl was able to put Williams in the lead again with another long range effort. Williams put the nail in the coffin with a late try, taking out the trophy with a 4-2 win. Paterson earned themselves the House Spirit Award for their constant support and war cries throughout the day, with Beryl Toby being named Player of the Final.

What a great way the end the term!

Greta Doherty

Head of Sport



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