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Sporting Spotlight: Girls Grammar 10 Years to Open Swimming Carnival

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Students from Years 4 to 12 spent Thursday competing for house supremacy at the annual Girls Grammar Swimming Carnival at the Southside Memorial Pool. It was a great day filled with war cries, friendship, comradery, and school spirit.

The day started with everyone admiring the Year 12 students’ costumes (and the mandatory photo shoots that go along with these) before attentions turned to points. The first activity was the warm-up and house swim, a great way to get out to a lead before the first official event.

Once the events started, it was also great to see a lot of our new Girls Grammar girls getting in and having a go. Some great rivalries emerged throughout the day and even more exciting was the number of records broken throughout the day. Congratulations to our new record holders:

  • Saphron Davis 16 Years - 100m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly and 200m Individual Medley.

  • Alyssa Anderson 10 Years - 100m Freestyle and 200m Individual Medley

  • Rose Brandon 12 Years - 100m Freestyle and 200m Individual Medley

  • Williams - 16 Years 4 x 50m Relay

  • Downs - Open 4 x 50m Relay

The 2023 Swimming Age Champions are:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

10 years

Alyssa A

Izzy H

Kasey W Charlie Y

11 years

Belle B

Emma J

Ella L

12 years

Rose B

Poppi J

Havana M

13 years

Melissa B

Ava H

Hara M

14 years

Izabella B

Alicia F

Rebecca W

15 years

Makenzi C

Clare H

Catherine W

16 years

Saphron D

Ellexis H

Jessica C


Megan C

Harriett F

Gabby K

Age Champions will be awarded their medallions on assembly in Week 5.

There was a lot of excitement as relays came at the end of the day. The house prefects did a great job at organising their teams. This event always sees the changing of the overall house points leader due to the larger points on offer.

To build suspense the House Spirit and Champion House awards will be presented on assembly next week.

I would like to say a big “thank you” to all students for your participation, support and positive attitude on the day. We also had fabulous students helping with marshalling duties, they were so organised and efficient that we were even ahead by an hour at one stage. I’m sure everyone appreciated the extra free swim time in the lunch break. Thank you also to the staff, without you the day would not be possible.

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport



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