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Sporting Spotlight: Girls Grammar QISSN Announcement and Swimming House Champion

QISSN Team Announcement

After an arduous trialling process, the 2023 Girls Grammar QISSN team has been selected. The team will travel to Brisbane to play against the best school teams in the state at the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball carnival in June.

Congratulations to the following students:

1. Ellie-Mae Brandenburg

2. Bethanie Green

3. Gabby Kurtz

4. Dale Lewis

5. Tylah Mitchell

6. Camryn McPherson

7. Chloe Nieuwkamp

8. Matilda Peff

9. Georgia Priddle

10. Sophie Shaw

Congratulations also to the training partners that have been selected to train alongside the QISSN team to develop their skills:

1. Leah Bertram

2. Ralema Genaia

3. Bria Goldman

Swimming Carnival House Champion

With a swag of very talented swimmers, broken records and countless age champions, it was no wonder that congratulations go to Williams House as the 2023 Swimming House Champion. The final house placings were:

1. Williams 1443

2. Smith 1319

3. Downs 1189

4. Paterson 1188

While all Houses had fabulous displays of House Spirit throughout the day, the overall House Spirit award went to Smith for their consistent cheering, team support and for the participation of all House members across the day in war cries.

All Houses put on a great show of house spirit, and I would like to congratulate all students on their efforts. We have had several comments from pool staff and general public about how great it was to see, and hear, the cheering coming from the stands.

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport


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