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Sporting Spotlight: Update from Girls Grammar's Sports Department

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Capricornia Selections

Congratulations to the following girls on their Capricornia School Sport selections to attend the respective state championships:

  • Leah Bertram - Softball

  • Lola Muir - Football

  • Dale Lewis - Rugby 7s

  • Saphron Davis - Swimming

  • Makenzi Cullen - Swimming

  • Rose Brandon - Swimming

  • Izabella Bird - Swimming

Multipurpose Court

The new Multipurpose Court (MPC) has been well received and is getting a real work out. The secondary students have been enjoying basketball and volleyball games at lunch time as their squeals of delight can be heard all the way over at McKeague Deck.

We have successfully won the first two rounds of the interschool basketball competition 61-13 and 40-22 with our new home court advantage.

The Girls Grammar Club netball teams are enjoying the new covered training space and the senior PE classes are having a great time playing badminton.

Interschool Basketball

Our basketball team started the competition by beating both Lighthouse and Emmaus by over 20 points in the first two rounds. After a dominant start, the junior basketball team has found a challenge coming up against Heights College in Round 3. Heights had well-organised defence and our girls found it difficult to attack and reach the goal, with a result of 62-35 to Heights.

Far from being frustrated, the girls have taken this as a challenge and are ready to work extra hard in training to improve their skills. They are a persistent group and will not give up easily, hoping to come back bigger and better in Round 4. We wish them the best for the rest of the season.

We also wish Kaylyn a speedy recovery from injury and hope to see her back on the court soon.

By Maite Sanchez Lacoste (coach)

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport



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