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Spotlight on Girls Grammar's Boarding Administration Assistant: Tilly Lorraway

I’m Matilda Lorraway, better known as Tilly. I work in Boarding as the Administration Assistant. Being born and bred in Rockhampton, learning about cattle work and diving at the Islands has been a wonderful experience and a real eye-opener for me. Seeing first hand how wonderful this school is, it was an easy decision to enrol my daughter in Prep this year.

My role at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School is to organise transport and appointments throughout the day, and weekend activities for our boarding students. We have been able to organise some really fun activities this term including attending the Boarders Big Day Out hosted by St Brendan's, trivia nights and socials, including last weekend's Year 7-8 Social.

As we move towards the end of term, I encourage families to contact me for any information or questions they have for end of term travel.

I look forward to learning more about our students and families in the many years to come.

Matilda (Tilly) Lorraway

Boarding Administration Assistant



Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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