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Transitioning to Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

In 2023 Rockhampton Girls Grammar School is providing ongoing support to students and their families as they settle into a new school year. At Girls Grammar, we have a comprehensive transitions program that is proving to be a key point of difference as students commence their time at the school. This will help students work towards developing the skills necessary for entry into the senior phase of learning.

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School’s transition programs for students:

  • provides students with an opportunity to develop positive and supportive relationships

  • prepares for the varying academic and social expectations of junior and senior secondary school

  • are provided in a supportive and age-appropriate context

Research indicates that students transitioning to high school can feel challenged by new expectations such as being familiar with the new school environment: becoming organised, managing lockers, completing homework and feeling safe.

At Girls Grammar, the Transition and Academic Support Officer plays an important role in the transition of students as they commence at Girls Grammar. The role is responsible for effectively monitoring the progress of new students and providing support to them as they transition into the academic processes and systems in place at Girls Grammar.

Our transition program:

  • Provides ongoing support to students and families

  • Provides students with an opportunity to develop positive and supportive relationships

  • Prepares students for the varying academic and social expectations of junior and senior secondary school

  • Conducted in a supportive and age-appropriate context

  • Supports students with organisation and promotes positive study skills and habits

  • Encourages student participation in co-curricular activities

  • Provides information and activities that allow students to build a connections with one another and the school community

  • Ensures regular communication with students, parents and families, encouraging active partnerships in their daughters’ education

  • Interactions and collaboration with members of staff and other external providers to achieve the best outcomes for all students

  • Caters for the diverse range of student needs through a holistic approach encompassing social, emotional and academic wellbeing

  • Facilitates relationships with rural and remote, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Papua New Guinean communities to support, value and promote cultural, social and emotional development.

The Transitions Program is proving very successful in supporting new girls to adapt, settle in and feel welcome at Girls Grammar. It reinforces our partnership with families, a valuable part of ensuring that every girl can achieve success and be the best she can be. Through this program our girls build connections with the school, our community and each other that will ensue, not just during their transition, but throughout their time at school and long after they leave the Girls Grammar gates.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Transition Officer Ms Veronica Miller-Waugh.

Veronica Miller-Waugh

Transition Officer



Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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