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A Word from Girls Grammar Principal: Parents and Friends Association

Last night's August Parents and Friends meeting was a great success, with one of our largest turnouts ever! It was wonderful to see 15 parents in attendance, and we warmly welcomed two new membership nominations that were received and approved. It was truly heartening to witness such strong support from our school community, all coming together for the benefit of our students.

The Parents and Friends Association continues to be a driving force in making our school an exceptional place for learning and personal growth. We extend our deepest appreciation for their unwavering dedication and countless achievements. The recent donations towards supporting our QISSN and All Schools touch teams, as well as Anastasia the Musical t-shirts, demonstrate their commitment to enhancing cocurricular activities and fostering positive school spirit and culture.

Their contributions, however, extend far beyond cocurricular. Our P&F Association plays a significant role in shaping all aspects of our school's strategic directions. From teaching and learning to pastoral care, heritage, facilities, and environmental sustainability, their support touches every corner of our school community.

During the meeting, we were thrilled to announce the successful funding of their grant application to the Rockhampton Regional Council's Community Assistance Program. The Recycling Hero Composting Project, led by our Year 4 students and Mrs Hemson, is a fantastic initiative that will lead our school to become cleaner and greener as environmental stewards. It's inspiring to see our students taking the lead in sustainable practices, and we are grateful to the P&F for contributing to this project.

The P&F's commitment to our school's growth and development is evident in their generous contribution of funds towards Stage 2 of our Agriculture Plot. With Stage 1 already completed, including garden beds, trellises, irrigation, and crops, we are now focusing on the construction of a timber outdoor classroom adjacent to our Early Learning Centre. This space will be an invaluable addition to our agriculture precinct, providing students and staff with a unique outdoor learning environment.

In addition to their ongoing efforts, the P&F is excited to present the Girls Grammar Supporters polo shirt design, which will be reviewed at next month's meeting. The aim is to finalise the design in October and have the shirts ready for the start of the new school year. Show your school spirit by getting involved and supporting this fantastic initiative!

And for some exciting news, Bulls n Barrels for 2023 is officially a go! Mark your calendars for Saturday, 14 October, and get ready for a revamped Bulls n Barrels at Paradise Lagoons. The planning is already underway, with sponsorship packages soon to be released and more event details to follow. If you're passionate about contributing to the success of this event, the Bulls n Barrels sub-committee is looking for volunteers. Their next meeting will be held on 7 September from 4.30pm, just before our next P&F meeting.

Once again on behalf of our staff and students, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Parents and Friends Association for their unwavering support and dedication to our school community.

Kara Krehlik



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