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A Word from Girls Grammar Principal: Staffing Update

As we approach the conclusion of Semester 1, I would like to take a moment to inform you about some staffing changes that will be taking place at Girls Grammar. While farewells can be difficult, they also present new opportunities for growth and development. Please join me in wishing the departing staff members all the best in their future endeavors, as they move on to exciting new ventures.


Ms Nadine Kelly, Deputy Principal - Students: Ms Kelly will be leaving us to work in her growing family business, Doblo's Farmers Markets. Ms Kelly will be sorely missed by students, staff and families and we sincerely appreciate the support she has provided over the years in the space of wellbeing and social emotional development for many of our girls.

Ms Ellouise Bailey, Community, Marketing and Events Coordinator: Ms Bailey will be returning to her career in journalism. We express our gratitude for her efforts in coordinating various community events and marketing initiatives, and we wish her the best in her future journalistic endeavors.

Mrs Nicole Graham, Visual Arts Teacher: Mrs Graham will be concluding her contract as a Visual Arts teacher. We thank her for her dedication and creativity in nurturing our students' artistic talents.

Mrs Chris Read, Senior Legal Studies and Business Teacher: Mrs Read will be completing her contract as a Senior Legal Studies and Business teacher. We appreciate her commitment to providing quality education in these subjects and volunteering her time as a member of the Race Day Committee.

New Additions:

I am pleased to welcome the following staff members who will be joining us for Term 3:

Nicole Francis-Leah, Visual Arts Teacher: Ms Francis-Leah will be commencing next week, starting with a handover period. We have been fortunate to have her with us for the past two weeks as she provided internal relief support.

Emily Alley, Food, Textiles, and Hospitality Teacher: Ms Alley will be replacing Sammy Cobon, who is transitioning into the role of Deputy Principal - Students. We look forward to Ms Alley's expertise in these subjects and the valuable contributions she will bring to our school.

Teacher Aide Position: We are in the process of finalising interviews for this position and expect to have a new teacher aide join us at the beginning of Term 3.

Staffing Opportunities:

We currently have the following positions advertised via Seek and LinkedIn:

  1. Secondary Business, Legal Studies, and Literacy Teacher.

  2. Communications and Marketing Coordinator (slightly amended role from Communicating, Marketing, and Events Coordinator).

For the remainder of the year, we will be managing the events aspect of the role within our existing staff and departments. We are confident in our team's ability to adapt and ensure the smooth execution of upcoming events.

Baby News:

In other news, we have some exciting baby announcements within our staff community. Mrs Stephanie Marsden and her husband Corey are expecting their second child in December, following the birth of their first child Ellidy in July last year. As a result, Mrs Marsden will not be returning in Semester 2 as originally planned. We are currently advertising the teaching position for Senior Legal Studies, Business and Literacy.

Similarly, Mrs Brittainy Brown and her husband Matt are expecting their first child in December. Mrs Brown intends to fulfill her duties as the Year 5 teacher for the remainder of this year before taking a year's leave in 2024 to embrace motherhood. Please join us in congratulating Mrs Brown on this wonderful news.

In conclusion, change is an inevitable part of the school environment. While farewells can be challenging, it is important to remember that new opportunities await us. As one door closes, another one opens, and I am confident that the upcoming semester will bring new possibilities for growth and success.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Kara Krehlik




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