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A Word from Our Principal

‘Are you OK?’ is a simple question to ask, but may have more of an impact than you may think.

R U OK? Day celebrated on Thursday 8 September is our national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to ask, ‘are you OK?’. Asking someone who may be struggling this question could start a conversation and could change their life. You don’t need to be an expert to have an R U OK? conversation. Listening and showing another person you care while giving them your time may be just what is needed to change their life for the better.

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives. Their mission is to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect with those in their world and lend support when they are struggling with life. At Girls Grammar we acknowledge this annual event with the wearing of odd socks to start a conversation while asking our peers and colleagues the important question ‘are you ok?’

In addition to wearing our odd socks, this year’s acknowledgment included a range of activities at lunch time run by our Year 11 students in the ELC and CAB. Our Prep and Year 1 students created a painted hand print banner, designed and signed an R U OK? t-shirt, made smiley faces out of playdough and had fun with bubble wands while enjoying a picnic and reading stories on friendship and wellbeing with the senior students. The CAB was a hive of activity and music with games, musical freeze, painted hand print mural (including Sunny’s paw print), R U OK? t-shirt design with messages of encouragement, stickers, resources and hand painting.

Thank you to Ms Kelly and our Year 11 student helpers for organising such a great day in acknowledgement of such an important event and message. For more information and resources about R U OK? Day, the charity and how a conversation could change a life visit A conversation could change a life | R U OK?

Kara Krehlik




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