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Boarding Bulletin

This week we welcomed back many of our Years 7 to 10 boarders meaning, that for the first time this term, both Kollar and Jackson Houses are open. As the Years 11 and 12 girls found when they returned, there are a few changes to processes and procedures but I have been very pleased to see that everyone has shown understanding and cooperation.

I enjoyed visiting both Houses on Monday, seeing the girls and saying hello. Whilst I know they loved being at home for almost eight weeks, all said they were glad to be back. Their responses to me highlighted how much they enjoyed connecting again with their friends and the importance to them of their social connections. The Year 9s appear to be relishing the spaciousness of having their own rooms – a taste of what they will enjoy next year when they move to Kollar. Standing in the hallways as I chatted with them, I reflected on the different atmosphere of the boarding house, which the previous week had felt very much like an empty shell without the girls there. With their return, their rooms transformed into these warm, cosy spaces and the rooms and halls were filled once again with their laughter and music and a variety of other comforting sounds.

Over the last three weeks, I have also been pleased to see so many girls taking advantage of our beautiful weather. Each day a number of the girls have been for a run, or outside doing a workout or yoga. A number of girls have sat out on the decks, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Personally, I have had fun playing bocce with the seniors and look forward to another game this Sunday, hopefully also with some of our younger girls. The nice thing about the restrictions is that they do provide space in our days to engage in some activities that help with relaxation and wellbeing. I hope that this is one of the changes that the girls will want to keep once restrictions ease a little.

With only a couple of weeks until assessment, I am encouraging the girls to commence revision and preparation for examinations. The boarding staff will be supervising study periods and I also encourage the girls to contact their teachers and advise if they need assistance or clarification with any aspect of their work.

I would like to thank all our boarding parents for their understanding and support during the current situation. We continue to monitor government advice and hope for some relaxation of guidelines over the coming weeks. Until then, we are most grateful for your support.

Deanne Johnston




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