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Boarding Bulletin

On Wednesday we had our last formal assembly with the Year 12 cohort. Those same girls have study week starting next Monday and their external exams beginning on the 24 October. This term is all about ‘lasts’ for the Year 12 students. Their last school holiday break, last time they come back to dorm, last Bulls, Barrels and Broncs, last ponytail chop, last assembly, last Pink Gate competition, last Girls Rock, last outing with the boarding cohort, last meals to be enjoyed with their peers in the dining room and the list goes on. We are particularly privileged in the boarding community that we also get to say a proper farewell to our boarders with our Farewell Dinner in the last week for Year 12. It is an exciting time for them although tinged with a little bit of sadness for some. For our parents and families of our graduating class it is wonderful to be here from Wednesday 16 November to enjoy these final school memories with your daughters. It is such a special time for families too.

The younger girls are enjoying art and craft activities and, as we move closer to Christmas, we have planned an activity where the girls will be making gifts for friends and family. Not long to go in this term but it certainly is jammed-packed.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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