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Boarding Bulletin

This week we celebrated with our traditional Melbourne Cup dinner. Our Girls Grammar boarders enjoy this night for the opportunity it gives them to dress up and enjoy a three course meal. This meal is served by the boarding supervisors; having wait staff is a lovely twist on the evening. This year we had activities and games before the dinner service. The trickiest part about hosting these much-loved evenings is juggling our other commitments. Girls were concerned about how little time they would have between their volleyball, horse riding or netball commitments and getting dressed up and their hair done. Time management skills for life. The girls were encouraged to lay out their clothes before going off to their sport so they would be able to do a quick wardrobe change for dinner. These nights are great for making memories and having a good laugh. It is another one of the ‘lasts’ that our graduating boarders will enjoy over the next couple of weeks. Giddy up.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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