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Boarding Bulletin

The end of the year becomes a busy time for many students, but none more than our departing Year 12 students. With external exams wrapping up at the beginning of next week the departing cohort will leave us and start the next chapter of their lives in universities, TAFEs, careers, or any other path they decide to follow. I caught up with Andie Lang, a graduating boarder, about what she is most looking forward to after graduating: "Mainly just having true independence and being able to go into the world and see what I am able to achieve by myself."

The Year 12 students, while about to go into the world and start a new journey, will still always have a place in our school through their leadership and inspiring dedication to the school. There’s no doubt that the Year 12 cohort have made many incredible memories here at Girls Grammar. Claire Knight describes one of her favourite things about Girls’ Grammar is "the community and being able to talk to anyone."

As the year ends not only do we say goodbye to the Year 12 girls, but we also welcome in a cohort of new leaders of the school. As a member of Year 11 myself, I can confidently say that we are inspired by our previous leaders and are so excited to be able to not only carry on traditions, but also bring new fun events to the school in 2023!

Megan C

Year 11 Student


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