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Boarding Bulletin

We have been celebrating the boarding journey of our Class of ’22 in fine style this past week. Last weekend we enjoyed our ‘last weekend in boarding ever’ trip to Great Keppel Island. The weather was perfect, the water was sparkling and we kept ourselves busy on stand up paddleboards and kayaks. Girls threw the footy around, played some totem tennis, enjoyed some hot chips for lunch and hung out with friends. We certainly all slept well that night!

On Tuesday night, Mrs Ung and the Year 10 students treated us all to a special night of celebration. The steak with garlic prawn topper and desserts were amazing. We cried a little, danced a lot and enjoyed the entertainment. Hadasshah, Kirsten and Kaysha had us crying with the beautiful songs chosen especially for our graduating year 12 cohort. The Year 10 girls were wonderful in their dance that featured Mrs Ung.

What a fantastic group of girls we are sending out into the world. We look forward to following your journeys.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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