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Boarding Bulletin

In Boarding we have routines. Routines for teens have many benefits as research has shown. We find this particularly the case in boarding as we have so many girls to support and to help get organised. Routines at home can also be helpful. They work best when you involve your daughter in the planning. Routines can help teens feel safe and secure and provide stability for them. I found this to be the case in the classroom as well. Those children whose lives or habits were unsettled or chaotic found great comfort in a regular schedule in the classroom.

In Boarding, one of the most important routines we have is a consistent bedtime. This helps their body clocks to know when to go to sleep. This is one of the reasons why we collect their phones overnight, so the girls aren’t up for hours distracted by their phones. It is important to wake up at the same time too so your daughter can keep to her schedule.

Chores and responsibilities around the home or boarding house are also valuable in developing a sense of responsibility. Visual planners with regular activities or assessment deadlines are also helpful. Routines also help students to develop life skills around time management. You should include time for fun and time with each other in your routine. The crucial part to a routine is that you stick to it. Obviously, there will be times when life happens but just stay positive and get back into it the next day.

Have a great weekend.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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