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Boarding Bulletin

Although we are still awaiting flights for a couple of our girls, this week we welcomed back our Torres Strait girls and Mikaela, our ATSI prefect for the first time in nearly four months. It certainly is lovely to have them back. Unfortunately for them the weather has been chilly and wet. We have appreciated the more than 40mm of rain in the past few days, hoping our families on the land received some good falls of rain as well. This weekend we plan on heading to the local shops and doing some activities in the under-cover area. Watching movies curled up in our doonas is bound to be popular this weekend as well.

Moving forward we hope to get out in the buses once the weather improves. The most exciting event on my calendar is getting out to our regional areas with Deanne, our Principal. We are heading out to Moura, Biloela, Tannum Sands, Rolleston, Springsure and Emerald over two weekends in August. These visits are a highlight for me as we get to spend time with our lovely families: past, present and future. Please join us at the various gatherings and bring along any local families that are considering boarding school for their daughters. We are very proud of our small, friendly RGGS community, particularly our boarding family. We enjoy chatting to you all in a relaxed setting. It is an opportunity for us to appreciate how far our girls travel to be with us at RGGS. Hopefully one day we can visit the Torres Strait, North Queensland and Papua New Guinea, perhaps in winter so Deanne and I can enjoy the warmer weather. Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see many of you soon.

Ms Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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