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Boarding Bulletin

We are ramping up in boarding over the next couple of weeks. It is such an exciting time for our year 12s. Many have finished their external exams and the remainder only have one or two exams to go. Next week is jam packed with functions. On Tuesday after the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony we are hosting our Boarder’s Farewell dinner. This event is organised by the Year 10 girls and they are doing a great job considering the restrictions in place due to Covid. We look forward to dressing up for the occasion, with Kent catering for us and with some terrific entertainment planned. On Wednesday our Year 11 and 12 girls will be heading to Girls Rock at the Pilbeam Theatre. Again, like all events this year, it is an invitation only event. Some of our talented boarders will also grace the stage which is exciting. Thursday night is speech night and again all the award winners, Year 11 and 12 are invited. We wish we could all be there at all of these events but we will be there in spirit. These events are being live-streamed this year so we will be watching back in the dorm. The girls are also completing the last of their assessments during this week, having break ups for their teams and enjoying Secret Santa nights with their peers. Last week was action packed too. We had a fabulous trip to Great Keppel Island, a beautiful formal dinner for Melbourne Cup and another special dinner on Friday celebrating Christmas. The Year 9 girls stepped up setting the tables and decorating for each dinner. The Year 11 Prefects for 2021 served at the Old Girls Christmas dinner making us proud.

Deanne and I enjoyed our trip out to Taroom and Roma on the weekend. We haven’t seen so many bottletrees before! We met with a family that is moving to Rockhampton and are excited about sending their daughter to RGGS. We also caught up with some current boarding parents which we enjoyed immensely. More importantly we are seeing the country where some of our families reside and we have already planned lots of trips for 2021. We also visited the RGGS billboard that is just out of Roma featuring Abigail. Looking forward to catching with many of our families next week. Take care and enjoy the very hot weekend ahead.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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