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Boarding Bulletin

This week we enjoyed the highlight of the boarding communities calendar, celebrating the Boarders Farewell dinner. It is a special evening organised and run by the Year 10 cohort for the departing Year 12 boarders. This year’s celebration was fantastic with the whole gamut of emotions experienced during the evening. The feel of the night was one of an awards ceremony with the Year 12 boarders being the stars. They walked the red carpet and were interviewed in front of their boarding sisters. We had outstanding, well-appreciated entertainment. The Year 10 girls excited us with a performance to a wonderfully diverse mash-up of songs. The sisters speeches were emotional and an important part of our community culture. The love in the room for our departing seniors and each other was palpable. We were grateful for abundance of food supplied by Kent as it had been a long day of activities including the Year 12 Graduation during the afternoon. Mr Ung created the most delicious cupcakes for us all – topped with edible pictures of the seniors faces. A really cool touch, keeping with the theme of celebrating our stars. The Year 10 girls were amazing. They showed their leadership potential and work ethic in setting up, running and packing up the event. I was very proud of them and their passion to deliver a memorable evening for everyone. The Year 12 girls left through a sparkly guard of honour at the completion of the night. The bar has been set very high for the young boarders who are responsible for the farewell in the future. We would all like to wish our Year 12 boarders every happiness as the head into the next chapter of their lives. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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