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Boarding Bulletin

Girls Grammar boarding is going old-school. We are doing activities this weekend that the Year 11 girls have asked to organise and the rest of us are excited to be involved with. This opportunity is certainly giving these girls the opportunity to showcase their leadership potential and community spirit. They are planning a karaoke night for us and we will be dressed in our pajamas. This should be loads of fun and we may even unearth some unknown talents. We are baking some goodies for ourselves to enjoy and having an afternoon of games and activities outside. We are going to the beach (an unpopulated one) for some fun in the fresh air. We might even get a chance to do some gardening for those girls interested in doing that. We are very conscious of everybody’s well-being, both mental and physical during this time. Activities moving forward will be considered carefully to ensure this. Activities like the movies, markets and shopping are on hold for now as we strive to keep all our girls happy and healthy. We are only two weeks away from a well-earned break and we are excited to finish the term on a high.

Ms Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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