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Boarding Bulletin

Activities are an important part of our boarding life. Participation in a range of activities helps boarders to build relationships with other girls, feel connected with their school and the boarding community and keep active and busy. Activities also have important health and wellbeing benefits including helping to alleviate feelings such as loneliness or homesickness, particularly when girls are new to a boarding environment. Importantly, many life-long friendships are made with boarding or sporting friends. Many friends I still catch up with were my friends from my netball days, some of them from decades ago.

At Girls Grammar, we encourage the girls to participate in all boarding activities and we also support them to be involved in cocurricular sport and activities. Boarders at Girls Grammar are invited to days at the beach, markets, dance and karaoke nights, games and movies, and shopping excursions. Last weekend was fantastic with our boarding prefect, Georgia, leading the way with a games night, karaoke and dance evening and backyard cricket in the CAB where all girls attended. We have enjoyed swims in the pool and this weekend we will head to the Southside Memorial pool for a cool off as well as a movie night with a secret supper. Shopping will, of course, be on offer as the girls pick up the last couple of items they need for school or their rooms.

Our new boarders have been an absolute delight and have settled in remarkably well. Parents, pets and bedrooms are missed but keeping the girls distracted with a myriad of activities has proved successful for most. Next weekend is a boarder long weekend with a half day on Friday for the girls to travel home. Can I please remind you to put in leave for that weekend as soon as your plans are sorted. Boarders are also welcome to stay in as we have many girls who live too far away to go home for a weekend. We will head down to the beach, an activity that appeals to the majority of the girls as they go for swims, walks, play touch footy on the beach, and some will buy an ice cream. Enjoy your weekend ahead – I know we will here at Girls Grammar.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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